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Shabbatainment This Week 10/11/08

If you weren’t at Shir Chadash on 10/11/08, here’s what you missed in Shabbatainment This Week!

If you were here for services on the first night of Rosh Hashanah, then you missed a special New Year’s offering on the cable network VH1 Classic. Over the New Year, the station aired a special entitled “Rush Hashanah,” a 24 hour tribute to the Canadian Rock band Rush. The band’s Jewish lead singer and bassist, Geddy Lee, was born Gary Lee Weinrib and is the son of Holocaust survivors from Poland. Here I was stuck in services, and I didn’t even get it on the Tivo.

In sports, the Brewers lost out to the Phillies in the National League Divisional playoffs, but they got into the playoffs in a dramatic fashion—at the end of the last game of the season, Jewish player Ryan Braun hit a two-run home run against the Chicago Cubs earning Milwaukee their first playoff spot in 21 years. But don’t worry about the Cubs—they have a Jew to be proud of too. Pitcher Jason Marquis, who hit a grand slam in one of Chicago’s final regular season games. Marquis is the first Jewish pitcher to hit a grand slam since Saul Rogovin of the Detroit Tigers in 1950.  We gotta keep up with baseball so we’re ready for Jeremy’s debut.

Getting a Shabbatainment birthday card today- Michelle Trachtenberg of Buffy The Vampire Slayer and currently on Gossip Girl turns 23. Tomorrow, Joan Rivers turns 73 and Adam Rich, little Nicholas from “Eight is Enough”, turns 40. As an online bonus, here’s an
Eight is Enough cheesy video montage. 
They don’t really get a birthday card, but they do get a lovely care package from Sisterhood.

And finally, this story from the Washington Post: A bank robber in northwest Washington DC was looking for a getaway car and had the choice to steal one of two minivans sitting next to each other. One was a nondescript Toyota Sienna. The other was a 15-year-old Dodge Caravan decorated with a huge Star of David with a rooftop cruising light advertising Ohev Shalom synagogue. That was the minivan the robber stole. The “Jewmobile,” as it was known by members of the synagogue, was a traveling ad for the temple featuring a large photo of a shofar and a message on the back of the van inviting folks to “Join us on the High Way.” The robber has not been caught, but the minivan was recovered later in a ditch a few miles from the bank. An APB is out for a man in sunglasses, a baseball cap, and a giant lighted shofar.

Thanks to MyJewishLearning.com for the pic.
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